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Did you know we have an online shop for your Transport and Logistics Guidebooks, Posters and more?

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While our primary focus centres on delivering a range of training courses and traineeships as a service-oriented company, we are also dedicated to ensuring that our students can readily avail themselves of valuable resources to enrich their learning journey.

Rather than having to wait for an online order from anywhere in Australia (we keep stock locally) or searching for the designated recommended reading material, we want to offer easy access to these assets to get you underway.

Many of our course pages have a dedicated section labelled ‘Recommended Course Resources’.

As the title suggests these are resources we highly recommend but are not obligatory prerequisites for the course.

That said, there are extensive benefits to engaging in recommended reading before starting a course. Not only will this set you on the right path mentally, but it also primes you for the course material.  Moreover, this also helps you feel more prepared for the course content and allows you to become familiar with key concepts and terminology.

Equally, having this material to hand after attending one of our training courses will help you maximise the value gained from the learning experience.

Before your course:

Pre-course exploration equips you with a baseline understanding (as detailed above)

During your course:

As you actively participate in the course of your choice these reference tools will benefit your note taking – offering diagrams and examples in some cases.

After the course:

Upon completing the course, these reference tools transform into resources for your ongoing growth and learning. The guides and manuals you purchase in addition to your note taking act as a condensed version of the knowledge you’ve acquired.

In essence, these resources accompany you on your educational journey.


Nationwide Training wants all our students to succeed and get the most value out of each of our comprehensive Transport and Logistics training courses.

By offering suggestions on resources, we hope to improve your confidence, help assist interactive learning and ensure you are an informed participant.


Having provided training for over 20 years as a Registered Training Organisation our aim is always to ensure our students get the most out of our course offering.

Our courses include Forklift trainingDangerous Goods trainingSafe LoadExplosives Drivers Licence and more.

Complementing these courses is our Online Shop, which serves as a perfect companion by extending a collection of supplementary resources available for purchase.

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We ensure our bookstore is up to date with relevant editions and codes for the transport and logistics industry.

To find out more, call us on 08 9445 7766 or use our contact form to get in touch with our team.