Skills You Build Through Transport and Logistics Courses

Nationwide Training offers a comprehensive range of Transport and Logistics courses and traineeships. Our comprehensive selection of 18 Courses and 4 Traineeships is designed to equip you with the most up-to-date and in-demand skills in the Transport and Logistics industry. Although a broad topic, our Transport and Logistics Courses can be broken down into segments, […]

What is a Safe Load Pass

Our Safe Load Pass training course ensures personnel have the knowledge and skills required to safely access a fuel terminal or depot to load bulk fuel tankers. The Safe Load Program (SLP) provides training for drivers handling dangerous goods and assesses vehicle compliance within the petroleum and chemical industries in Australia. The Safe Load Program […]

Understanding the Chain of Responsibility

Understanding the Chain of Responsibility (CoR) for the safe transport of goods by road is crucial in the transport and logistics industry, particularly in countries like Australia, where specific CoR laws are in place. These laws are in place to protect all parties in the transport supply chain, including people who send or receive goods, […]

General Information and FAQs on Hazspill Awareness

Haz Spill (or Hazardous Spills) refers to a chemical or hazardous material spill. This is the accidental release of a substance that can risk health or the environment. Under workplace duty of care and Australian legislation workers must be protected from Dangerous Goods substances. What does Hazspill refer to? Hazspill is short for Hazardous Spill. […]

Why Load Restraint Training Is So Important

Load restraint (restraining loads/goods to vehicles) is a critical aspect of safety in the transport and logistics industries. Safely securing cargo on a vehicle is essential to prevent accidents, injuries, and damage to goods in transit. In Australia, load restraint training is a vital component of ensuring the safe transportation of goods. The importance of […]

Forklift Training for Businesses in Perth

Are you a Perth based business needing Forklift training for your employees? Nationwide Training are a trusted forklift training provider based in Osborne Park. We pride ourselves on our high quality and professional training that we have been delivering to our clients for more than 20 years.   Nationwide Training have been trusted by a […]

Nationwide Training – Online Book Shop

Did you know we have an online shop for your Transport and Logistics Guidebooks, Posters and more?           While our primary focus centres on delivering a range of training courses and traineeships as a service-oriented company, we are also dedicated to ensuring that our students can readily avail themselves of valuable […]

Forklift Course Options

Forklift Training is essential in order to operate a forklift competently, safely, and legally in Australia. Forklift Training can vary slightly depending on the registered training organisation but should cover all relevant/local requirements. Here at Nationwide Training Perth, we have our Forklift Training LF Course (LF class is for Forklift Truck Licence) and our Order […]

Understanding Transport Logistics

There has been a significant increase in people taking part in logistics training in recent years. The logistics and supply chain industry has experienced significant growth which in turn has resulted in greater demand for more skilled professionals in this area. In 2021, the global logistics industry’s worth was valued at over 8.4 trillion euros – that […]

Do you need an Explosives Transport Drivers Licence?

In Western Australia (WA), the transportation of explosives is regulated by the Dangerous Goods Safety (Road and Rail Transport of Non-explosives) Regulations 2007 and the Dangerous Goods Safety (Explosives) Regulations 2007. According to these regulations, drivers who transport explosives on public roads in WA must hold a valid Explosives Transport Driver Licence (ETDL). The ETDL […]