Forklift Operator Skills

As a forklift operator you need more than forklift training and supervision in the workplace, anyone who operates a forklift in Australia needs to obtain a High Risk Work Licence for forklift operations class LF and a training certification, but you will also need additional qualities if you wish to excel in this career.

Man on Forklift using Forklift Operator Skills

Here are five important qualities you should have if you want to become a competent forklift driver in Australia:

  1. Patience

Loading and unloading a forklift takes time, this of course requires patience.

Without patience, you may skip safety steps, forget to ensure that your load is safely secured, or even forget to wait for people to get out of harm’s way. Impatience as a forklift driver can cause serious issues and accidents.

Now the good news is this skill, like all others on our list can be worked on and improved.

  1. Excellent Communication

Forklift operators, like other warehouse personnel, need excellent communication skills. Think of a warehouse like a beehive, every bee needs to know what the other is doing for everything to work smoothly and safely.

Forklift drivers specifically need to be able to effectively communicate work orders and reports, and communicate with other workers on the premises.

  1. Quick Thinking

There is no typical day for most forklift operators and with this, one needs to be able to roll with changes and be quick on their feet when it comes to solutions.

Most forklift drivers thrive on the unknown of each day. It keeps things fresh, exciting, and far from boring. If you struggle with unexpected obstacles, then this is something we recommend you consider working on.

  1. Basic Math Skills

From calculating weight limits and the weight of each load to calculating freight prices, and operating expenses. There are many scenarios where a forklift operator may need to draw on at least some good basic math skills.

Although you may think manual driving is the only skill you need, math skills are one of the most important skills a forklift driver needs.

  1. Love for Safety

Forklifts can carry massive amounts of weight in goods, so good safety knowledge is important. However, just knowing what you need to do to keep yourself and others safe is rarely enough. You really need to have a deep understanding and passion for safety regulations when it comes to being a forklift operator in Australia.

As a forklift driver, you are operating heavy and potentially lethal machinery. So, a natural love for safety and maintaining safety rules are always going to be a good thing.


How To Get a Forklift Licence

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