Chain of Responsibility Awareness – National

Nationwide Training offers three courses in Chain of Responsibility CoR.

What is Chain of Responsibility?

Chain of responsibility is a policy used in Australian transport legislation to place legal obligations on parties in the transport supply chain or across transport industries in general.

A broad 4 hour awareness session that provides an overview of CoR across Australia.

Topics covered include:

  • Chain of Responsibility Legislation
  • Main Roads Chain of Responsibility
  • Each persons role in Chain of Responsibility

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Great for business that work across state boundaries and need a broad overview to prompt team discussion about how CoR regulations will impact your workplace.

Session Duration and Fees

Four Hour Awareness Session for a maximum of 10 Learners.

No multiple-choice assessment $1,200.00 GST Free.

Including a multiple-choice assessment $1,400.00 GST Free.

Session Content

  • Chain of Responsibility Legislation and how it applies to Western Australia and National Heavy Vehicle Law (all other states in Australia)
  • Main Roads Chain of Responsibility Fact Sheets and other factsheets applicable to NHVL
  • Each person’s role in the Chain of Responsibility
  • Breaches and sample prosecutions
  • Reasonable steps to defence WA
  • Resources and Publications
  • CoR systems and processes to risk assess transport activities under CoR
  • Question/Answer Session
  • Optional Multiple Choice Assessment

Session Structure and Delivery

  • Trainer Presentation
  • Question and Answer
  • Optional Multiple Choice Assessment

This session is delivered at your workplace. Please contact us for further information.

On Successful Completion

On successful completion of this session you will receive either:

A Record of Participation in Chain of Responsibility Awareness Session for the non assessed version or

A Notice of Assessment in Chain of Responsibility Awareness Session for the assessed version.

Issued by Nationwide Training.

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